Re:Sound People

Re:Sound is proud to have a diverse, multilingual staff - many of whom are musicians themselves. We are dedicated to making the world a better place, and serving rights holders across Canada. In 2017, Re:Sound staff continued to give back to the community. We held our 5th annual staff-run benefit concert, Re:Wind. It raised $32,000 for the Unison Benevolent Fund - our largest donation to date!

Re:Sound Management Team

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Ian MacKay


Arif Ahmad

Vice President, Legal Affairs & General Counsel

Michelle Baily

Vice President, People, Planning & Strategy

Martin Gangnier

Director, Licensing

Doris Tay

Vice President, Distribution

Otis Quinn

Director, Information Technology

Clement Wong

Vice President, Finance

“I have joined the organisation with a strong mandate to ensure that Re:Sound’s governance exemplifies its Core Values, and I know we will continue to be on the cutting edge, delivering the best results to rights holders through our commitment to transparency, fairness, and efficiency”

Anthony Ariganello


Board of Directors

  • Anthony Ariganello
  • Chairperson
  • (Independent)

Annie Morin

Director (Artisti)

Graham Henderson

Director (CONNECT Music Licensing)

Stuart Johnston

Corporate Secretary and Treasurer (CIMA)

Lyette Bouchard

Director (SOPROQ)

Stephen Waddell

Director (ACTRA RACS)

David Jandrisch

Director (MROC)

Re:Sound Gives Back

We held our annual holiday food drive, raising over 250 lbs of canned items for the Daily Bread Food Bank, and participated in the Big Bike Ride for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, where we raised $4,224. We spoke at and sponsored numerous conferences and events across Canada, including the Canadian Music Incubator, Durham College, Pop Montreal, and Canadian Country Music Awards. We had a busy year, with a motivated team to help keep us going.

2017 Re:Sound Achievement Awards

Elsie was recognized for her work with our implementation of Epicor, a software that helps us process distribution payments more efficiently.  She was also an outstanding witness at our Pay Audio Services tariff hearing by delivering compelling testimony. She exemplifies our core values of Dynamic, Efficient, and Performer & Maker Centered

Phil was recognized for being an engaging communicator and negotiator, as demonstrated through his work with our customers and larger associations, and through his routine work representing Re:Sound at events. He exemplifies our core values of Dynamic and Performer & Maker Centered

How to Get Paid

Connect Music Licensing

Maker Organizations

If you have made recorded music that has been released to the public, you may be entitled to royalties. In order to claim these, you can register with one of our two member organizations representing record labels, or directly with Re:Sound.


CONNECT Music Licensing

Musicians's Rights Organization Canada

Performer Organizations

If you have performed on recorded music (as a featured or background performer) that has been released to the public, you may be entitled to royalties. In order to collect these, you can register with one of our three member organisations representing artists, or directly with Re:Sound.




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